Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday, August 8, 2008

Life On The Farm

We had to go out to grandma B's house to help her with some things. Allie really loves it out there, she can run around and find all kinds of things to do. Most of all she really loves the kittens. This poor little kitten was so no happy im sure with Allie fallowing it every where trying to pick it up. Oh well what do you do! (take pictures) She also has my tastebuds and loves berrys. She is a pretty good at picking but not very may made it from the bush to the bucket. Im suprized she wasn't sick. Someday maybe we will have some land where she can run and chase kittens all day

The past coulpe weeks

I just thought I would just put a few pictures and comments from the past couple of weeks. Not a whole lot is going on here but I hope you enjoy the pictures!
A day at the ZOO!

My angry eyes!

A hairdressers dream come true! Allies natural curl makes my life easy!

I don't need no stinkin highchair!