Friday, November 21, 2008

Emergency Preparedness

Todd and I have been talking a lot lately about being prepared and what we have left to get, to feel good about things. I thought we were both on the same page.... but apparently not!! I don't even think we were on the same book !!

I guess this was his idea of being prepared!!! I was a little upset and didn't even bother asking how much he payed for it. Oh well what do you do, I just try to remind myself that STOCKS MATURE MEN DON'T! If anyone has figured out how to get there eldest child to behave would you please let me know. ASAP!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Better late than never!! Allie was a bunny for Halloween. I wanted her to be a bunny because I think it's funny that, when you ask her what a bunny says her response is "hop hop hop". She also likes to hop and will usually do it when you ask. However try as I may she would not hop for me when I had the camera out. Go figure!!! She was pretty darn cute though. The best was when I took her to see Todd's sister Theresa. She works at Potandon and they let you trick-or-treat to all the cubicles. Allie was hop hop hopping down all the rows. Aunt Thresea was "economy girl" they had to dress as a super hero. It was great she gave out gag lotto tickets. She's quite the prankster. Grandpa and Grandma great also came to visit that afternoon and then we went to see Todd's mom(Grandma B) and Great Grandma B. We also did a little trick-or-treating later that night. All in all it was a great day. Oh ya and Bunz also got into the action with the classic hot dog and buns costume.

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