Friday, April 2, 2010

Tanner Warren Brewington

Tanner was born:
March 15th 2010
Weight: 7lb 10oz
Length: 20in

The delivery went really well! I went in to the hospital and was started in the morning. We waited and waited and he was finally born at 5:10 pm. Things went really well but I must say I definitely noticed the 2 lb difference.

Tanner has been so much fun to finally have here! It's amazing how much love you can have for
someone so small!

Allie has been so good with Tanner she loves him so much. She is a great big sister and helper.She plays the little mommy roll quite well! Allie still calls him Hank every now and then and I love when he sneezes she always says "oh bless you Tanner!!" It's just funny how excited she gets and the way she says it cracks me up.

The family pic after tuned out pretty good! Allie found the b-day hat in some stuff down stairs while playing with grandma and insisted on wearing it. When she came in the room the first thing she said was" happy birthday Hank!!" My mom came and took care of Allie while we were at the hospital and then stayed another week just to help out. I have the best mom ever!! We tried our best to talk her into staying permanently, but to no avail.

No Longer Homeless

The Front.... The living room

The kitchen
So we are finally here! We moved into the house around the 1st of March!!! It was really hard being so prego and having to let everyone do EVERYTHING for you. It's not that I didn't want to help but every time my index finger twitched i heard "don't touch that I'll get it"! So i think things turned out pretty good,there are a few things we will change the next go around but, for our first time on our own I think we did alright! We lived with Todd's mom for the 5 months that it took to build. She was so nice to let us stay with her. But.... by the end of 5 months I was definitely DONE!! I really needed my own space!!

Master bath

Tanners room..... Allies room

So there is a lot not done but I'm working on it! Allie and Tanners rooms , the laundry room, the salon, and there is no furniture in the basement living room. I guess I have the time and space I so wanted to work on all that stuff. Next thing you know I'll be complaining about the endless amount of work. Oh well!!
If you want to stop by feel free!! With the weather and the baby were almost always here =)