Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The What? of July

I know were pushing the end of July, but I also know I'm not the last one to post about the 4th so.... Whatever It's on the "to do" list (check)

We had a great holiday Allie loves all the people, fireworks and running around crazy. She thinks it's great fun so.....

We started off the weekend a little early and headed up to the Rexburg splash park(or as I now call it the soak park). Rexburg defiantly does not have a problem with there water pressure,and it's freezing! The girls had fun, but as you can see Allie really didn't get all that wet. Slapping the water was about it.

I did try to get her to go down one of the water slides. It was to no avail she stood at the top of the stairs and cried, so I had to go rescue her. That is why I call it the "soak park". I stepped one foot on to that thing and I was drenched.

We were all exhausted and it wasn't even the 4th yet.

We started off the day at the parade with friends and then headed to a another friends house for food ,fun, and games. It was so much fun but by late afternoon I really couldn't keep my eyes open. So we headed home for a little snooze.

Later we hopped the fence to the bishops house to watch some fireworks! It's so nice, our bishop does some pretty good fireworks and invites the ward. When it starts to get a little too late we just take Allie home and we can still watch from our back porch. You gotta love convenience.

So this next picture is a little weird. We have early church so I headed home with Allie and decided if we were going to make it to church the next day we better get the shower out of the way. Allie got two glow sticks at the party and when it was time to get in the shower didn't want to give them up. I figured what the heck pick your battles. I turned out the lights and left the door cracked so we could see. She had a blast and thought it was so much fun. Then while drying off I hear... uh, oh, mommy! I looked down to see the drain glowing. Ha! to funny I had to take a picture. Allies response when I asked her what we were going to do?.........

"daddy fix it.... DADDY!"

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Dana, Proud mommy to 3 said...

She's so cute Kim! Looks like you had fun! I love the pictures of her with daddy. Too cute!