Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Went by in a flash! I think out of the four weekends in June about 3 &1/2 were spent in Utah. The back and forth was a bit crazy! To start things off on the 1st we had our 7 year anniversary! Sorry the pictures aren't great they are pictures of pictures. N E way we spent that weekend in Utah because we also had my moms graduation.

My mom is amazing! She hadn't gone to school in over 30 years and she had the courage to go back. She graduated from a medical assisting program. Everyone tells me I look like her( witch I usually try to take a complement). But I hope and pray I got some of her strength as well!

We had the Price girls over for a day and Allie had a ball. Now I really think I want another girl. They played all day so nice, and they loved Allies little salon set-up. They also had fun washing all of Allie cars and bikes.

I know some of you will cringe at some of the next pictures.... but the kids had a great time and we did have a talk about guns. So think what you will but I just wanted to assure you that we are very careful. Allie was so funny when it was her turn to "help" dad she got right up there. When Todd told her to go SHE WENT!! She kept pulling the trigger as fast as she could. I got my camera turned to video just in time for the ammo to run out. dang! oh well! Most of you know Jessica and Travis they are in a lot of our pics. If you don't that's who is in the pictures with us. They are great friends, there kids are Traesen and Maycee. We commented on the way home that "that was a fun little family outing". That's what they are FAMILY!

Allie and Mayc hand and hand...... Allie "helping" daddy

Trae...just one of the guys The fam! No I'm not prego! I just had my jacket caught up under Allie.
We went down to Utah on the 16th for a quick trip. My nephew Seth was Baptised I didn't get pictures there because my sis-in-law is a photographer and I let her do the work. I do need to ask for some pictures though.

We had 3 days were Allie refused to nap. I think the photo says the rest. What you don't see is that two seconds before I took this picture Allie told me she wanted her pull-up back on. I took the picture, turned to put the camera down, heard I need to go potty, and turned just in time to see her peeing in her bed! I felt so bad. She tried to worn me! Us moms just don't listen some times.

We headed to Lava Hotspirings on Saturday morning the 27th to meet up with Trav and Jess. They were camping near by and we played in the water all day. Of course we forgot the camera in the car so no pics there. After swimming we went back up to the campers for some dinner. We went on a beautiful little hike and these are a few of the pictures. While we were hiking a few of the others went on the four wheelers to go shooting. The picture of Allie and Traesen was not posed. I told them to let me take a picture and this is what I got. He is so funny he tells me all the time that he is going to marry Allie in the Temple some day. TO CUTE it totally looks like a little engagement picture.

Well that's about it!! There was defiantly a million things in between, but this is getting a little long. I guess you can't do it all, maybe if I posted a little more often. I'll work on that but I have a filling July is going to be even more busy and I'm sure a lot of fun.


Rasmussens said...

Hope you guys had a great anniversary! Allie with the guns is so funny. Hope to see you guys soon. I think we are going to bless Luke the first weekend in August!

Tandee said...

I love the photos! So, do I have to wait until August to see photos from July? =)